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Strapless kitesurfing article & photos

An article I wrote & contributed photos to for New Zealand Kiteboarder Magazine

Courtesy of New Zealand Kiteboarder Magazine - Strapless kitesurfing article I wrote & contributed photos to.

As a few of you would know as well as being passionate about photography, I’m also a mad keen kitesurfer & occasionally I will write articles & contribute to various magazines. I wrote this article for the November edition of New Zealand Kiteboarder late last year & also contributed a few photos to the article.

Strapless kitesurfing (or waveriding) is where you basically pull yourself onto a wave with the power of a kite whilst riding a surfboard & then surf the wave on the surfboard without any straps binding you to the board – it sure beats paddling for a wave & its a great alternative to surfing when the waves are totally blown out by the wind.

Unfortunately I can’t claim the main photo of Ben Wilson charging at P-Pass in the Caroline Islands. That is courtesy of Ben Wilson Surf, but the top two insert photos are mine & credit also goes to Willie Davenport of Marvel Media for the one of me at the bottom.

To shoot these kinds of photos you need a relatively long lens & a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. The photos I shot were with a 400mm lens & a shutter speed of around 1/1000 of a second.

You can download the pdf of the article for a read here. The quality of the photos in the pdf aren’t that great because of the scan, but in the magazine they looked fantastic!

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