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Tilt-shift Photography – Black & White Bali Images

All of these were shot in color, but I went with Black & White duo-tone type processing as they seemed to work better.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these as I kind of liked them, but kind of didn’t, but they were all shot with one of my favorite lenses – The Canon 90mm TS-E.

This is a tilt-shift lens where you can use selective focus by tilting the lens to achieve miniature looking shots. The shift part of it is useful in architectural type photos where you can avoid convergence of parallel line when shooting taller buildings. Apart from that it’s a great portrait lens & pretty good for some landscapes too, as it’s super sharp with great contrast. Have a look at them & see what you think…

The bungalows at Pondok Pitaya located right on the beach in Balian. Great place to stay...

I wasn't quite sure what to think of this one - I sometimes like it, but then I change my mind & don't like it so much. It's probably the best example of this bunch of using the tilt-shift to make things look miniature.

I didn't tilt or shift the lens on this one, just shot it as is - such a sharp lens!

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