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Cabrinha Tour of Duty | Wellington Stop Over

Keahi De Aboitiz punting here there & everywhere…

Cabrinha kitesurfing team riders,  Keahi De Aboitiz, Jamie Barrow & Geoffrey “Chuck” Waterson, stopped by Wellington yesterday on their 2011 Cabrinha TOUR of DUTY road trip from Christchurch to Auckland in New Zealand.

First stop was the new WildWinds store in the city for a meet & greet before heading out to check out some of the beaches in the Wellington area. After checking out Plimmerton, the Cabrinha crew settled on Titahi Bay just over the hill. They we greeted with 20-25 knot wind & an increasing 2-3 foot surf. The boys rigged up the latest Cabrinha kites & hit the surf, swapping between twin tips & surfboards throughout the session.

Jamie Barrow getting some height & grabbing the nose.

Keahi & Jamie were getting some major height boosting off the waves on their twin tips & Geoffrey “Chuck” Waterson was seriously throwing water, slashing any faces he came across with his board. Keahi then came in & grabbed the surfboard and was punting off any lip he found, pulling off a heap of strapless airs and a few air reverses too. The boys are back on the road again now heading north to Auckland – I hope they score a heap more wind & waves along the way.

You can check out the photos from the session below, or go directly to the gallery here to see them higher res.

Cabrinha Tour of Duty 2011 | Wellington | New Zealand – Images by Mark Gee

2 Responses to “Cabrinha Tour of Duty | Wellington Stop Over”

  1. Laure Krause says:

    Hi Mark, Laure here, Keahi’s mom. Thanks for sharing the awesome shots of him in NZ.It’s great to see the scenery, the waves and the people, to see what he’s been up to…especially since he doesn’t always give us details!
    He’s getting to see the world and show his talent, we’re really proud of him. Sounds like he enjoyed your company.
    If your ever in Noosa and need a place to stay your welcome to come, I think Keahis extended the offer already.
    Aloha, Laure and Martin

  2. markg says:

    Hi Laure, thanks for the great comments. I’ve been lucky enough to have photographed Keahi off & on over the past 4 years or so. It’s been great seeing him progress to where he is today, & I’m sure he has the talent to go a lot further too with his kitesurfing & SUP.

    Thanks for the invitation to stay up at Noosa. I try to get back to Australia every now & then, & always looking for something or someone to photograph when I do. I might one day take you up on that offer.

    Cheers Mark.

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