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Astrophotography Fine Art Prints

Around 3am the Milky Way shines brightly above The Gap at Castlepoint, as the nearby lighthouse illuminates the surrounding landscape. Castlepoint is on the south east coast of the North Island of New Zealand just a few hours from from the capital city of Wellington. (Mark Gee)

Have you ever wanted to have one of my night sky images in your own home or office? Well now you can.

Astrophotography is a spectacular form of photography that has captured my imagination and interest. I often ventures out to the darkest, most remote skies all around the country, enjoying the challenge of combining New Zealand’s striking landscapes with the ethereal beauty of the night sky in new, creative ways.

These fine art prints are a selection of my favorite images, which I’ve captured from the night skies all around New Zealand and beyond. They look stunning on any wall, and while they can be printed on basic archival paper, these particular images truly shine when printed on metallic paper.

I’ll be adding more to this collection of fine art prints as I capture more amazing images of the night sky, so check back from time to time for updates.

Fine Art Prints – Astrophotography – Images by Mark Gee

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  1. karien says:

    Amazing! Got a link sent to me of the moonrise from Mt Vic and am totally amazed by that video and all your other beautiful shots of Wellington’s and NZ’s sky. You def inspired me to go out moon and star gazing 🙂

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