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Chasing stars around Cape Palliser

The clarity in the sky last night was nothing but spectacular! Try counting the stars…

After a failed attempt of getting on the road Friday night, I finally made it out to Cape Palliser, a few hours drive from Wellington, New Zealand for a night of astrophotography & hopefully a surf first thing in the morning.

The surf never eventuated, but boy what a night. By the time I finished up it was close to 4am, & there was still a heap of things I wanted to shoot. It’s an incredible & at times freaky feeling being out in the middle of no where by yourself, with this amazing vast sky of stars above you. Between a stand off with a seal & the early 3am 250 plus stair climb up to the Cape Palliser lighthouse, this ended up as my most successful night of chasing stars…highly addictive I tell you!

On arrival to Cape Palliser, this was the very first frame I shot. I knew it was going to be a great night of photography after that…

I shot many photos that night which I am still going through, but check out the slideshow of the photos below that I thought summed up the night…


Star Chasing | Cape Palliser | 17 March 2012 – Images by Mark Gee

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  1. Sonia Richardson says:

    Wow-wee Mark! your eye was in 🙂 congratulations! I will be over to visit as soon as I can as I need to see that beauty with my own eyes. Thank you for sharing Mark! brilliant!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Mark, your work is amazing and inspiring. keep it up! 🙂

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